About CMTv

CMTvCMTv started as a video production company. More than 15 years ago, we started publishing video content on the Web, first with Google video and then on YouTube.

We are, at the heart of it, content providers. As social media platforms took off, we used our video production and content creation experience to springboard to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and even Pinterest. We learned how to integrate the different platforms so that your content communicates a unified message to all your target audiences — however they like to receive their information.

CMTv helps you builds audiences and communities using the combination of social media platforms that best suits your needs.

  • Social media platformsWe build YouTube Channels that attract viewers through Video Search Engine Optimization and then drive that traffic to your website.
  • We run contests and promotions on YouTube to highlight your brand.
  • We provide “near live” broadcasting capabilities to bring your events to thousands of interested viewers.
  • We build Facebook pages that develop a community using tab pages.
  • We created Twitter campaigns that put your company, brand or service, top of mind with your customers and prospects.
  • We create websites and blogs that are tuned to the interests and needs of your visitors . . . and draw thousands of views per day.
  • We manage direct email campaigns that reach thousands of subscribers.
  • We use analytics to capture and measure our results.

Best of all, we make sure that all these platforms work together.


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