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CMTv can achieve near live coverage of events and broadcast high-quality videos through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We have teams in place to provide on-the-spot video production, VSEO and integration techniques. Make sure you leverage the reach of social media at your next event!

The Radisson Campaign

Every four years, the New Hampshire primaries puts the spotlight on New Hampshire – and, as “ground zero” for the primary, for Manchester Radisson Hotel wanted to capitalize on that media attention and put their hotel on the map as a destination for meetings and conventions.

CMTv was brought in to achieve two goals: build a library of quality video footage about the Radisson that could be used in future marketing videos and create “buzz” around the primaries that supported news coverage by broadcasting near live videos using an integrated YouTube, Facebook and Twitter campaign. By providing this current content we were also able to offer professional production organizations with stock footage highlighting the NH Primaries and the Radisson Hotel for their news broadcasts, extending the reach of the footage (which always included great shots of the facility, Manchester and the surrounding area).

    YouTube Channel, Radisson Hotel, Manchester N.H.

  • We built a partner YouTube Channel for the Radisson with banners mapped to the Radisson’s Facebook, Twitter and Websites and integrated using RSS feeds.
  • We brought in our small mobile professional HD video crew and used two production assistants to line up on-the-fly testimonials and to scope out impromptu moments.
  • As we shot scenes, we transferred the clips to our mobile editing suite within the facility, edited them and loaded them onto YouTube – minutes after they were shot, they went live.
  • To keep the production process streamlined, we had created animated introductions several weeks ahead of the event and had developed all the titling, descriptions and keywords for videos. This included search engine optimized titles, description and tags targeted to the “live” event and later switched out to an archival search.
  • Facebook Page, Radisson Hotel

    Facebook Page, Radisson Hotel, Manchester

  • We created playlists based on YouTube search terms and then “shared” or “liked” videos of Manchester, the New Hampshire primaries past and present, and marketing videos from the Radisson archives.
  • RSS feeds linked activity from YouTube to Facebook and Twitter and were customized to always include a video clip. The Radisson Social Network Managers supplemented the postings with their corporate and personal spin utilizing our growing video library on YouTube.


  • Video footage shot during the primaries highlighted the great service and accommodations that Radisson offered during the week. Our crew got 10 customer testimonials from executives at ABC, NBC, CBS, AP, radio hosts and TV hosts.
  • We produced over five hours of HD professional stock footage, 25 finished video clips, uploaded VSEO titled, tagged and with description.
  • High-value news channels, producers and production companies requested feeds and content for their coverage.
  • Producers of a documentary on the Primaries requested our footage to use in their film, ensuring that the Radisson Manchester will be seen by a larger audience.
  • Radisson has reported an upsurge in bookings since the primaries compared to previous years.


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