Gosling’s Rum

For consumer brands, like Gosling’s Rum, social media campaigns are a great way to engage your audiences and support a company’s traditional, event-driven marketing initiatives.

The Campaign

CMTv helped Gosling’s Rum, Bermuda’s largest and oldest family-owned company, build an online community in support of their traditional marketing events. Gosling sponsors the 100 Years of the Newport Bermuda Race, several Golf Classics, tennis teams and other sporting events.

When CMTv first started working with Gosling, their online presence consisted of a simple website, a standard Facebook page, and a Twitter page. Compared to their real world persona, their online world was limited and drab. CMTv’s efforts included:

  • Creating an enhanced (Partner) YouTube channel with an engaging design.
  • Populating the channel with video.
  • Linking engaging clips throughout their Facebook and twitter community.
  • Building out their Facebook page using third-party FBML software that created several new “applications” to support the backbone of their community based “bartender of the month,” “food recipes,” drink mixes, events, and calendars.
  • Updating the Twitter site with new graphics and a better strategy for content management.

Using an integrated strategy, CMTv helped Gosling build a library of content that comprised photo albums, videos, and Word documents that can be shared across multiple platforms – Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter – using RSS feeds.

To simplify the process we used Google’s application set – Blogger, Picasa, Google Docs and YouTube – allowing all of their key personnel to share and participate in the project. By using all Google applications, it also allows every part of the content management and feeds to be tracked via Google analytics.


Gosling's Introduces Rum in a Can into the U.S.

Gosling’s Rum has shifted much of their new product introduction campaigns on-line using their new enhanced sites, the new YouTube channel, and the integration of near-live feeds. This leverages their traditional event driven schedule, and prolongs the event beyond the standard 1 to 2 day life cycle.

We have built an archive-based content management system that saves and documents the content, and also prepares and feeds the content based on schedules.

It has given Gosling the tools and the architecture to build ongoing and well-anticipated campaigns like, “the bartender of the month,” a catalog like “food recipes” and their yearly special events, the Newport-Bermuda sail race.
Their online followers on Facebook grew from 1,500 likes to more than 8,000 – with ongoing growth expected to continue.

In Conclusion:

The Gosling Rum campaign demonstrates the power of an integrated social media initiative based on Google applications. Gosling has made very good use of the “near live” capture of content to bring their events and promotions to a larger audience. YouTube videos can be uploaded in near real-time, along with live broadcasts from the YouTube channel. Google’s Picasa application offers near-real-time photo uploads into predefined albums that can be broadcast using RSS feeds in near real-time to Facebook and Twitter.

Gosling's Rum Facebook Campaign

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