PreOp® Surgery Video Centers of Excellence:

YouTube 200 million lifetime views milestone

Content is still king, no matter what your topic. CMTv can help you create content libraries that can be leveraged over a variety of social media platforms. We have more than 15 years experience working as an e-publisher – developing our own custom content and then promoting it through Websites, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Our longest running campaign has a membership of 80,000 readers for its monthly newsletter, more than 200 million views on its YouTube Channels, and a Facebook and Twitter community in the thousands.

MedSelfEd/PreOp Campaign

Patient education is critical for hospitals and doctors as it saves them time and increases patient satisfaction. MedSelfEd set out to become the premier e-publisher for patient education through its PreOp Surgery Video Centers of Excellence 15 years ago and now dominates the patient education space.

CMTv created two consumer patient education medical libraries comprising hundreds of broadcast quality videos in Nursing Assistants, Medical Assistance, and Homecare Aids. We were responsible for every facet of the video development including researching the subject matter, writing scripts, producing video and graphics, editing, encoding, and creating versions for HTML/XML websites, flash players, and mp4/h264 streaming) on video for distribution on-line and for CCTV (close circuit TV systems).

CMTv built brand awareness within the patient education market using campaigns that incorporated e-newsletters, websites, branded YouTube Channels, Twitter, Facebook pages, Pinterest, and Google+ and to reach the company’s targeted audiences.


    PreOp® Surgery Video Centers of Excellence

  • MedSelfEd’s PreOp Surgery Video Centers of Excellence and PostCare Recovery Video Series are the #1 ranked YouTube Patient Education Channel, Playlists and videos.
  • Campaign built an 80,000 membership base for the monthly MSE Newsletter for healthcare professionals
  • MSE YouTube Channels have more than 75 million views
  • Facebook and Twitter community is in the thousands and is forging into new community-based applications.
  • Videos in the two libraries have the capacity to be sliced, diced and mashed into hundreds of videos because of the CMTv modular publishing structure.
  • Google requested MSE libraries for their original “Google Video” enterprise.

In Conclusion

CMTv helped MSE stay ahead of the curve both in content creation and content flexibility. The ability to offer video from DVD to Cloud streaming technology qualified CMTv to receive contracts as video encoders to some of the largest Healthcare Systems — Catholic Healthcare West and Perot Systems.

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